FREE Basic Stretching Guide

Fete Fit Basic Stretching Guide is a daily stretching routine to prevent injury and improve flexibility.
FREE Basic Stretching Guide
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    Fete Fit Caribbean Cardio was established in January of 2015 by Ashlee John. It is a way to promote exercise and fitness within the community with a Caribbean flare. Fete Fit uses high energy, creative, group aerobics and dance that targets the full body for a maximum workout. Fete Fit is fun, diverse, unique and inclusive. The program is extremely flexible and scalable, as such it can be used for various wellness events and entertainment. All fitness levels are welcome including sessions with children. Classes are held regularly in Tampa on Monday nights in addition to scheduled facilitated events. Our Goal is to be a vessel within our community to share fitness knowledge and techniques so that families thrive and live a positive, active, and healthy lifestyle. We provide fitness educational workshops, and events to bring communities together. We are committed to fostering unity, awareness and promoting the Caribbean culture through music, dance, and fitness. We encourage and empower families to understand the importance of being mentally and physically fit. Recently Ashlee just became a certified Life Coach through "The Blend Academy" with Kimberly Hemmingway. She is currently creating personal growth workshops to empower women, children, and families to focus on all perspectives of wellness growth. She is also currently working on vegetarian and vegan meal preps to create a full connected experience in Heath & Wellness through lifestyle changes. Fete Fit Life is about a "FETE" and oneness within. Celebrating life with gratitude and keeping positive perspective on life.

    Ashlee John

    Founder | Fete Fit Life Instructor